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Fast Funding


Approvals and funding within 72 hours or less.

Funding available for over 750 Industries.

Credit Lines/ Term Loans/ Cash Advance.

Never an upfront fee.

Your Choice of Loan Products


With an array of lending products, we can match you with the loan that makes the most sense.

Our expert business advisers along with the finance team will help guide you  through all aspects of obtaining a business loan.


Amount: $20,000 to $250,000 

(higher amount on an exception basis)

Minimum Requirements

 1 Year In business

Business checking account

$180,000 gross annual revenue

Credit scores as low as 600

Term Loans

Amount: $20,000 to $500,000

Term to 36 Months

Minimum Requirements

1 Year in business

$180,000 annual revenue

600 plus credit score

Cash Advances

Amount: $10,000 to $5,000,000

Term 30 Days to 18 Months

Minimum Requirements

3 Months in business

Business checking account

$8,000 in Monthly Deposits

Streamlined, Application Only Programs

To $100,000

LINES OF CREDIT/ Term Loans Unsecured

Equipment Loans up to $250,000 


Credit scores  660 Plus  

Must  meet trade line requirements

Business credit requirements apply

2 years in business

Other requirements may apply

Account Receivable, Invoice, and 

Factoring Lines of Credit

Up to 95% of your invoice upfront!

Personal and Business Unsecured 

Lines of Credit Card Program

$25,000 to $150,000

0% introductory rate up to 21 months

Credit Scores 660 plus

No derogatory credit last 24 months

Startup businesses accepted

Why Us?


Our mission is to help small to medium size business owners and entrepreneurs obtain the capital they need to grow the business, and fuel their dreams. Whether just starting out, or looking to expand, we have solutions to help fund your goals.

Even when the banks say "no" we can help you in obtaining a business loan.

As the name states, we work with All  Credit Types.


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